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The Stanley pocket spirit level is an indispensable tool when laying bilge blocks in the bilge layer of mortar. Here are the details of how to use this spirit level:


  • Accuracy: The Stanley pocket level is known for its precision, making it ideal for placing bilge blocks with maximum accuracy.
  • Two Directions: By placing the spirit level on top of the aerated concrete blocks, you can easily check whether the block is both straight and level in two directions.
  • Handy: Thanks to the compact size and handy design, the spirit level is easy to use and take with you to different work locations.


  1. Place the Stanley pocket spirit level on top of the aerated concrete blocks in the bilge layer of mortar.
  2. Check that the air bubble in the vial center is in the center, indicating that the block is level.
  3. Look to see if the bubble is centered in both the horizontal and vertical directions to ensure the block is straight and level.

By using this spirit level, laying bilge blocks becomes an accurate and efficient job, which contributes to a sturdy and well-aligned construction.

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