• Pick up in Nederweert: 10% discount
    • It is possible to pay by card in our warehouse
  • Delivery costs, depending on weight:
    • Parcel shipping from €12.95
    • Pallet shipment from €59.95

! When ordering your building materials, take any delivery time into account.

Delivery on location

The following applies to parcel shipments:

  • Orders up to 10 kg are shipped via DHL
  • Provided the products are in stock, you will usually receive the package within 1-5 working days.

The following applies to pallet shipments:

  • 1-2 pallets , provided stock products are delivered twice a week. See questions below for more information.
  • From 3 pallets, provided stock products - take into account 5 working days delivery time. See questions below for more information.
  • Due to the high turnover of stock, delivery times may sometimes differ. Please feel free to contact us.
  • Someone must be present to receive the order.
  • The shipping costs are automatically calculated in the shopping cart. This happens after entering the order details. The shipping costs depend on the total weight.

When do I receive my order?

We work with external transporters. As a result, we have no access to or influence on their schedules. Always take delivery times into account in your planning. For stock products:

Orders from 1 to 2 pallets and stock products are delivered twice a week. Orders placed for Monday 10 a.m. will be delivered the following Wednesday. Orders placed for Wednesday 10am will be delivered the following Friday. Are you just a little late? Please feel free to contact us by telephone (085-0606463), we are happy to think along with you.

Initially it may happen that the shipment is delayed, then the shipment may take 1 to 2 working days. (No compensation will be given for this)

Orders from 2 pallets or more are implanted with another transporter. It depends on their routes and planning when the order is unloaded. You will always be kept informed of this and can take a week's delivery time into account.

How will my order be delivered?

Parcel shipments, up to 10kg, are sent via DHL. All aerated concrete materials are transported by pallet . Orders of up to 2 pallets are usually transported by small truck. From 3 pallets onwards, a large truck is used. As a customer you are responsible for the accessibility of the unloading address. The pallets are unloaded next to the truck. Due to liability, drivers are not allowed to unload pallets further on the site.

We work with external transport companies. They have all the knowledge and skills to deliver your order properly. For example, a full pallet weighs approximately 1000kg, it is important that this is handled properly. Our transporters plan their routes as favorably and sustainably as possible. In this way, together we prevent unnecessary driving. We have no insight into participation in the routes of the transporters. However, we can always agree on a desired delivery date in consultation.

Can my order be placed inside my home or at the back?

Unfortunately this is not possible. We have an agreement with our transporter that the pallets are unloaded next to the truck. This has to do with our liability. If unexpected damage occurs when moving the pallets, for example on the paving, this cannot be reimbursed by us or the transporter. That is why you as a customer are responsible for moving the pallet yourself. In addition, not all trucks have a traveling forklift or suitable pallet jack.

Can i cancel my order?

If you have placed an order, you may want to cancel it. This is only possible in consultation. If the shipment has already been scheduled for transport or has already been shipped, we can no longer cancel your order.

In the event of a cancellation, we are unfortunately forced to charge an 8% cancellation fee. We do this to cover banking and administration costs incurred. The amount will be settled on your credit note. We count on your understanding.

Why don't you have free shipping for a certain purchase?

If you look critically, there is actually no such thing as free shipping. Or put another way, this is simply not possible. Transport companies or postal companies do not offer free shipping, this must of course be paid for.

How can other web shops offer this? This is calculated in the product price.

We consciously choose not to do this because when our customers order multiple products, they pay double or more for shipping in this way.

Where can I pick up?

You will receive a 10% discount when collecting from our warehouse.

Our address:

123Aerated concrete BV | Concretecells.nl
Nikkelstraat 4
6012 TR Nederweert

Phone number: 085-0606463

We are located on the 'De Pannenweg' business park, close to the A2, making us easily accessible. Our entrance can be found at the back of the building, near the small gray door.

Opening hours

Monday to Thursday: 9am-4pm
Friday to Sunday: Closed

Are you coming to pick something up? By arrangement, collection can be arranged at an earlier time on our opening days.

I ordered too much, can this be returned?

Aerated concrete is a vulnerable product when it is on the pallet. Unfortunately, in the past we have often experienced the return of broken aerated concrete blocks. This is often because pallets have been on a building where the surface was not flat. This can cause the bottom layer of blocks to break. Or the aerated concrete blocks become damaged during transport. We often only find out about this when the pallet is with the next customer. This is very annoying for all parties and costs a lot of time, money and is harmful to the environment. For these reasons we adopt no returns more on.

We would therefore like to ask you to calculate carefully and accurately what you need to avoid having too many blocks left unnecessarily.