Wall anchor rigid 65x60

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Wall anchor Star 65x60 for strength of walls

Why Wall Anchor Star?

Wall anchors, also known as rigid wall anchors, are crucial for the stability and strength of a wall. They serve as anchoring elements that contribute to the structural integrity of the wall structure.

How many wall anchors are needed?

The required number of wall anchors depends on the height of the aerated concrete blocks. Here are the recommendations:

  1. Height of 200 mm or 250 mm: Place wall anchors every 2 layers of aerated concrete blocks. This ensures sufficient stability and support.

  2. Height of 400 mm: For aerated concrete blocks with a height of 400 mm, it is recommended to install a wall anchor for each layer. The extra height of the blocks requires more frequent placement of the wall anchors to ensure stability.

Assembly instructions:

  • Attach the wall anchor to the existing wall using a tension sleeve.
  • Make sure that the wall anchor is completely in the adhesive layer of the aerated concrete blocks. This guarantees solid anchoring and contributes to the strength of the wall.

Correctly installing wall anchors is essential for safe and durable wall construction. By using the correct amount of wall anchors you contribute to the structural integrity of the wall or wall in which aerated concrete blocks are used.

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