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Clamping block for tensioning masonry cord

Description: A clamping block is a handy tool that is used for tensioning a masonry cord between adjusting profiles when installing aerated concrete walls. Correctly placing adjusting profiles and masonry cords is essential for a perpendicular and level installation of the aerated concrete wall.

Tips for Installing a Set Profile:

  1. Make sure that the bilge layer is placed correctly before you start the adjustment process of the aerated concrete wall.
  2. Use adjusting slats to keep the adjusting profile in the correct position.
  3. Stretch a masonry cord horizontally between the adjusting profiles using a clamping block. This ensures that the wall is pulled as straight as possible.
  4. Check whether the adjusting profile is straight and level to prevent problems later.
  5. For wider works it may be necessary to place additional profiles between the adjusting profiles, especially at the location of expansion joints.
  6. The layer dimensions are indicated on the adjusting profile for accurate placement of the aerated concrete blocks.
  7. Use the masonry cord that is attached between the masonry profiles to indicate the top of the aerated concrete blocks.
  8. The masonry cord can be attached to the masonry profiles with a clamping block.

The clamping block is a practical instrument that contributes to precise and efficient installation of aerated concrete walls.

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