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Illbruck Insulation Adhesive PU010 - Fast and Strong Attachment of Insulation Boards!

Illbruck Insulation Adhesive PU010 is a fast-curing polyurethane adhesive foam designed for the effective bonding of various insulation boards, including EPS, PIR, XPS and PUR. This insulation adhesive is ideal for quick installation of insulation and acoustic panels, external wall insulation, roof insulation and similar sheet materials. Suitable for use on various surfaces, such as aerated concrete blocks, masonry, concrete, sand-lime brick, wood, metal and roof insulation panels.

Product benefits:

  1. Easy to process and time-saving: Illbruck Insulation Adhesive PU010 is easy to apply, resulting in a time saving of no less than 30%.
  2. Dust-free alternative: Unlike mortar and mechanical fastening, this insulation adhesive is a dust-free alternative, which contributes to a cleaner working environment.
  3. Filling capacity without shrinkage or post-expansion: The foam has a filling capacity without shrinkage or post-expansion, which ensures a stable and durable attachment.
  4. Extremely strong: Illbruck Insulation Adhesive PU010 offers exceptional adhesion, creating a strong and reliable connection.
  5. Fully loadable after approx. 3 hours: After approximately 3 hours the foam is fully loadable, which allows rapid work progress.

Whether you install insulation boards on aerated concrete blocks, masonry, wood or other surfaces, Illbruck Insulation Adhesive PU010 guarantees a strong and durable bond. Save time and benefit from the benefits of this high-quality insulation adhesive product.

For efficient and reliable attachment of insulation material, Illbruck Insulation Adhesive PU010 is the ideal choice. Order today and experience the quality of Illbruck products.

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