Egaline 25kg Brown VE220

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Egaline is a commonly used product in construction and is used to level surfaces, also called leveling. Bruil leveling compound VE220 is a cement-bound dry mortar that can be pumped mechanically and manually. This fast-hardening leveling compound is self-levelling and low-shrinkage and low-stress. It is suitable for use in combination with underfloor heating, in accordance with the heating schedules.

How many square meters you can level with a 25 kg bag depends on the layer thickness. In general, 1.5 kg per m² per mm thickness is assumed.

Preparation :

  1. Make sure that the surface is clean, dry, load-bearing and stable.
  2. Remove anything that could be detrimental to adhesion, for example by thoroughly vacuuming.
  3. Use a primer to prevent absorption of the substrate and improve adhesion.

Application of leveling compound :

  1. Add approximately 6 liters of clean tap water per 25 kg bag into a clean container.
  2. Add the leveling compound to the water.
  3. Mix mechanically for about 3 minutes until a homogeneous, lump-free liquid mortar is formed.
  4. Process the prepared leveling compound within 30 minutes at an ambient temperature of 5 to 30 ℃.
  5. Pour the leveling compound onto the floor in such a way that the desired layer thickness is applied in one go.
  6. Spread the leveling compound with a smooth trowel or squeegee and deaerate the mortar with a spiked roller.
  7. Do not mix old and fresh leveling compound. Clean tools with water immediately after use.

Post-treatment: Protect the freshly applied leveling compound against drafts and direct sunlight during hardening/drying.

Applications: Bruil leveling compound VE220 complies with strength class CT-C25-F6 and is suitable for indoor leveling of concrete and cement screed floors subject to normal loads, possibly in combination with underfloor heating (in accordance with heating schedules). The application height is 2-20 mm. Not suitable for anhydrite, wood, industrial floors or floors permanently exposed to moisture. It is also not suitable for the use of synthetic cast floors as a final finish.

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