Aerated concrete lintel 3500x250x300mm

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Aerated concrete lintel 3500x250x300mm - Applications and Benefits:

An Aerated Concrete Lintel of 3500 mm, with the specifications 3500x250x300mm, offers various applications in construction. This Aerated Concrete Lintel of 300mm thickness and a length of 3500mm may be used as a load-bearing option. The lintel ensures that the structure above a window or door opening is accommodated. A structural engineer can provide advice on which lintels are suitable for your construction project. Here are the details of this particular lintel:

Advantages of the Aerated Concrete Lintel 300mm:

  • No cold bridges
  • Fast turnaround time because the lintel can be installed immediately
  • No expansion differences between lintel and wall, because the same material is used

Different sizes of lintels: Aerated concrete lintels are available in various sizes and can be adapted to specific wall thicknesses, ranging from 200 mm to 425 mm. Lintels with insulation are also available for external facades to prevent cold bridges.

Aerated concrete walls 300mm: We also offer various Aerated concrete blocks with a thickness of 300mm in our range. These blocks are available in various qualities and sizes.


  • Quality: G4/600 - PP4-0.50 - C4/600
  • Width: 300mm
  • Height: 250mm
  • Length: 3500mm
  • Dimensions (LxHxW): 3500x250x300mm
  • Load-bearing: yes, a structural engineer can provide advice on your specific construction project

This Aerated Concrete Lintel of 3500x250x300mm offers specific advantages and application options, including the avoidance of cold bridges and a fast installation time. Please feel free to contact us for custom work or view our extensive range in the webshop.

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