Aerated concrete Aerated concrete nail K 6x60

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Product description

The Fischer Gunnebo aerated concrete nail K 6x60 is designed as a mounting material especially for aerated concrete. This aerated concrete nail can be hammered directly into the aerated concrete without the need for pre-drilling. When driving in the nail, the cells of the aerated concrete block around the nail are compressed, causing the aerated concrete nail to become firmly attached. The nail has a diameter of 6 mm and a length of 60 mm.


  1. First hammer the sleeve into the aerated concrete or aerated concrete with a hammer.
  2. Then drive the nail into the sleeve.
  3. The slot in the sleeve will cause the nail to rotate into the aerated concrete or aerated concrete, which ensures optimal attachment.

Applications: This aerated concrete nail is suitable for various applications, including:

  • Securing skirting boards
  • Attaching wooden slats
  • Hanging paintings
  • Installing curtain rails
  • Hanging mirrors
  • Installing paneling
  • Fixing kitchen cabinets

Ensure that the nail is used correctly according to the instructions and is suitable for its intended purpose.

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