Aerated concrete Block G4/550 600x400x100mm incl. glue and glue scoop (per m2)

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Aerated concrete 100 mm HplusH

Aerated concrete blocks with a thickness of 100 mm are very popular. It is a commonly used size for partitions and partitions. Thanks to the large dimensions of 60x40x10cm, you can build a large area of ​​aerated concrete in a short time. Aerated concrete blocks are increasingly popular in construction. Thanks to the many advantages of this building product, you can easily and quickly build an interior wall. Aerated concrete has many good properties. One of them is that this building material is not sensitive to moisture or mold, which means it can be used in wet areas. So you can build a shower wall, shower wall or a (half-height) partition wall on the toilet in no time.

Kimlayer Mortar for Aerated Concrete

Kimlayer mortar is used to quickly and easily straighten and level the first block placed on the floor. The Kim mortar is ready to use, all you have to do is add water. This mortar can be used for aerated concrete, but also for sand-lime brick, for example. Click here for bilge layer mortar Consumption of bilge layer mortar per m1
Wall thickness 100mm 115mm 150mm 175mm 200mm 240mm 300mm
15mm joint 2.49kg 2.86kg 3.74kg 4.36kg 4.98kg 5.98kg 7.47kg
25mm joint 4.15kg 4.77kg 6.23kg 7.26kg 8.30kg 9.96kg 12.45kg
35mm joint 5.81kg 6.68kg 8.72kg 10.17kg 11.62kg 13.94kg 17.43kg


Manufacturer: H+H Quality: G4/550 - PP4-0.55 - C4/550 Compressive strength: 5.16 N/mm Weight class: 525kg m3 (±25kg) Thermal conductivity: 0.131 λ(W/mk) Number of pieces per pallet: 60 pieces Number of m2 per pallet: 14.40 m2 EAN Number: 4015830016356

Number of blocks per m2: 4.16 pieces Consumption of glue per m2: 1.60 kg

Minimum order quantity is 5m2

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