Aerated concrete block 200mm R-value 2.27 (per m2)

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Renovating with aerated concrete blocks of 200 mm thickness and quality G2/350 offers several advantages due to the high R-value (coefficient of thermal conductivity). These blocks are very suitable for insulation and renovation due to their excellent thermal and acoustic properties. Here are the details and benefits:

Renovating with Aerated Concrete:

  • Thickness: The aerated concrete blocks have a thickness of 200 mm.
  • Quality: G2/350 - C2/350
  • R-value: 2.27 m² K/W, which indicates a good insulation value.

Advantages of using aerated concrete blocks for renovation:

  1. High insulation value: The R-value of 2.27 m² K/W indicates excellent insulation.
  2. Fire safety: Aerated concrete is not flammable and does not cause droplet formation in the event of fire.
  3. Sound Insulation: Provides better sound insulation than traditional building materials.
  4. Easy and safe to process: The use of large, light blocks allows quick and easy construction.
  5. Flat end result: Aerated concrete provides a flat surface and is easy to finish.
  6. Moisture resistant: Does not absorb water, prevents moisture and mold, and ensures a healthy indoor climate.

Load-bearing interior walls:

  • For interior walls, aerated concrete blocks with a thickness of 20 cm (also in quality G4/550 or G6/650) can be used because of their load-bearing capacity.
  • These interior walls can easily be finished with plasterwork and also serve as fire walls due to the non-combustibility of aerated concrete.


  • Manufacturer: H+H
  • Compressive strength: 2.74 N/mm²
  • Thermal conductivity: 0.088 λ(W/mk)
  • Width: 200mm
  • Height: 200mm
  • Length: 600mm
  • Consumption of blocks per m2: 8.33 pieces
  • Number of pieces per pallet: 56 pieces
  • Number of m2 per pallet: 6.72 m2
  • Consumption of glue per m2: 4.80 kg
  • Weight per pallet: 645 KG
  • Execution: Smooth
  • Certificate: KOMO
  • EAN: 4015830054464

Sawing service:

  • A sawing service is also available for custom work.
  • Benefits of the sawing service include clean work, a healthier working environment without dust development, and faster work because the blocks are already cut to size.

Are you looking for aerated concrete blocks or would you like to use the sawing service?

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